VPN / NAC / Remote Access Control
Dynamic endpoint policy enforcement and access control, seamless roaming from VPN to on-premises, and more. Provide uninterrupted control throughout the connection lifecycle. Adapt network security to the workplace anywhere.
Application Control
Patching is the first step to reducing the risk of ransomware and other malware. But how do you block what you can’t patch: zero-day exploits, legacy systems, and patches that could break something in your environment? Application Control combines dynamic whitelisting and privilege management to prevent unauthorized code execution without making IT manage extensive lists manually and without constraining users. Happy users mean help desk calls and reigning in shadow IT don’t become the end-all and be-all of your IT team’s tasks.
ZSO – Zero Sign On
Enable passwordless authentication by using mobile devices as the user ID and primary factor for authentication..Eliminate the need for passwords on any device- managed or unmanaged. Go beyond single sign-on (SSO), which still requires a password. Provide adaptive authentication, including multi-factor authentication (MFA), based on risk.
Zero Trust Network Access
Ivanti Neurons for Zero Trust Access uses the web to create a secure connection from the device to an application, eliminating bandwidth and data charges through gateways while constantly verifying the user, their device, and applications based on granular constraints.. Increase security for remote users. Reduce privileged access to apps, environments, and data.
Patch Management
Without a focused security strategy, device sprawl is costly and out of control. IT teams spend too much time managing these devices. Organizations also must contend with a cybersecurity labor shortage-which means they’re looking for ways to optimize both IT and Security teams. Ivanti Security Controls simplifies security with unified and automated prevention, detection, and response techniques that target your biggest attack vectors. It provides the global security experts agree it creates the highest barriers to modern cyberattacks, including discovery, OS and application patch management, privilege management, and whitelisting.
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