BTS Sybelle for Hyperconverged Infrastructure

Hyperconverged platforms where the server, virtualization and storage layers are converged configured and controlled; Thanks to the flexibility they provide and ease of use and management, are increasingly preferred over conventional architecture.

In this area, where competition is quite rough and various vendors offer various solutions, the lack of hardware agnostic capabilities of many vendors emerges as a significant disadvantage. Customers planning to extend their current hyperconverged infrastructure, are to be encountered with a very limited set of options/alternatives solely provided with the same vendor. The utmost starting point of the software-based cloud computing platform developed by BTS LABS, for data centers is hardware agnosticism.Therefore, conventional infrastructure elements such as SAN Storage, conventional servers etc. could be integrated with the newly deployed Hyperconverged Platform.
Integrated management of software-based storage, system virtualization and network functions in a single platform
  • Open platform hyperconverged infrastructure

  • 100% software based architectures

  • Built-in hypervisor

  • Backup and restore operations can be managed and monitored from the web interface

  • Stable and easily expandable structure

  • Provides cost advantage with the use of conventional structures and backup-restore works

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